What People Are Saying

“I was personally thrilled to see the change in my daughter’s overall outlook! She was very happy and refreshed.”

Tami Patterson Kowalkowsky – Shine Parent

The SHINE program provides a place where a girl can be a girl. Together, the girls explore who they are and who they were made to be, learn how to make positive choices that impact their life, and just enjoy being themselves. As a leader, I learned so much about the girls in our group and was inspired by each one of them. Being a SHINE leader blessed me as much as it blessed the girls.

Suzanne Legg – Administrator of Dayspring Academy

Facilitating SHINE brought even more clarity to me on the urgency there is to build up girls to step into leadership as adults. I believe the only way for us to significantly impact the future of our nation (and the world) is to help girls understand who they are, their worth, and their purpose. SHINE does exactly that!

Vaine Angelo